How to apply

Before you submit your application for Eventiada IPRA GWA, please, read the documents concerning the awards (application form, terms and conditions and confidentiality policy) and choose categories and nominations.

Categories and nominatons

This year participants from Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe can submit their applications in 5 different categories and 29 nominations. Each category contain several nominations.

What are categories and nominations?

Each of categories block contains nominations which correspond by meaning and content.

One project — several nominations

If your project matches nominations in different categories, you can select multiple nominations from different categories.

Application easily and quickly

The application process involves four short steps. Each will take no more than five minutes.

Category nominations

The block of category nominations honors the most innovative campaign in approach and tools, best launch of the year, best international campaign covering one or more foreign markets, best project that meets international standards and the best corporate social responsibility campaign

Corporate and public projects

The corporate and public nominations highlight the best projects run by Russian and international corporations, public and non-governmental organizations.


The category is intended for individual students and student teams. In this block the jury chooses the best social project, best PR campaign, best social media campaign, creative campaign of the year, event of the year and student of the year.

Healthy lifestyle

The block features projects aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle among different social groups.

School students

These nominations are meant for school and college students and student teams. They honor the best event, social and digital media project and advertising project.


The projects will be evaluated by the board of experts and jury.

The expert Council consists of professionals from major Russian and international companies, universities, as well as heads of PR areas in government organizations and the media.

The board of experts will have made their decision by 15 November 2019, the jury – by 1 December 2019.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Correspondence with a nomination
  • Quality of an application (should include all the necessary information and materials, be filled in correctly and lack misspellings and mistakes)
  • The relevance of a project
  • Creative execution
  • Results of a project
  • Correspondence with the objectives and tactics of the awards

To apply for the awards, you need to:

  1. Prepare the information on your project

    It should contain organization name, client, geographical area, audience to be reached, objectives and tactics, key message and a brief description of the project.

  2. Determine who is be responsible for the application.

  3. Prepare presentational materials on the project

    For example, photos and videos.

  4. Upload materials to photo or videohosting

  5. Complete the questionnaire on the present state of PR industry.

  6. Pay for the application

    You can transfer the money using an online bank account or corporate bank account.

We are waiting for your applications