Eventiada IPRA GWA 2018 shortlist announced

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards, regional partner of IPRA GWA, the largest global award organized since 1990 by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), have announced the shortlist for 2018 ceremony.

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards since 2011 celebrates regional and international campaigns implemented by global brands and leading corporations in Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Central Asia, and is the largest communications award in the region. This year entries came from 13 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Croatia and Estonia.

The nominees and winners of Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018 were selected by the international IPRA GWA jury based on the following criteria: in line with international standards; innovativeness of approach; quality of research, planning and execution; quality of outcomes and evaluation.
The winners in five blocks of categories, Grand Prix and personal awards laureates will be announced and honored at the Gala Ceremony on December 6 in Moscow by the members of international jury, leaders of largest international corporations, representatives of International Public Relations Association as well as friends and colleagues across the region.

Category nominations

“Most innovative campaign in approach and tools”
“Night Flight Show” – S7 / Eventum Premo (Moscow, Russia)
“Pre-premier Saturdays in Tretyakovka” – Tvzavr (Moscow, Russia)
“Generation M” – MTS (Moscow, Russia)
“Ibis – music lives here” – Ibis, Western / Public Dialog (Warsaw, Poland)
“Santa’s New Year Express” – Universal / Pro-Vision (Moscow, Russia)
“Corporate clickbait news as PR-weapon” – Tele2 / KPMS Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia)
“Best launch of the year”
“SPANST #mylifemystyle” – IKEA / Mint BBDO Group (Moscow, Russia)
“Healthy family for a child” – “Way home” Foundation (Cherepovets, Russia)
“PRO Money” Festival” – Ministry of Finance of Russia / R.I.M. (Moscow, Russia)
“Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9” – Samsung Electronics (Moscow, Russia)
“Training professional staff” – Professional college “Moskovia” (Domodedovo, Russia)
“Presentation of Jaguar E-PACE” – Jaguar / Eventum Premo (Moscow, Russia)
“Best international campaign covering one or more foreign markets”
“Football for friendship” – Gazprom / AGT (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“Big walk” – “Rosatom” State Corporation (Moscow, Russia)
“Choose your future, make the world better” – RUDN University / PR Inc. (Moscow, Russia)
“Best corporate social responsibility campaign”
“SUEK stars” – SUEK (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“Vacation of winners” – Aviasales (Moscow, Russia)
“Reading in Belarusian with Velcom” – Velcom / GBS (Minsk, Belarus)
“Impulse of kindness” – “Our Future” Foundation (Moscow, Russia)
“Best project that meets international standards”
“BMW Opera without Borders” – BMW / Ketchum (Moscow, Russia)
“Big walk” – “Rosatom” State Corporation (Moscow, Russia)
“Skills Latvia 2018” – State Education Development Agency / Repute (Riga, Latvia)
“Сroatia je Hrvatska” – Сroatia Insurance / Milenium promocija (Zagreb, Croatia)

Corporate and Public Categories

“Digital and SMM project”
“Moscow Region Guide” – Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region (Moscow, Russia)
“Purina VET Webinars” – Nestle / APRA Porter Novelli (Sofia, Bulgaria)
“Happy New Year from Kinder Father Frost” – Ferrero Russia (Moscow, Russia)
“Santa’s New Year Express” – Universal / Pro-Vision (Moscow, Russia)
“PNS Group Development” – PNS Group Development / (Moscow, Russia)
“Walk of Fame of ASICS sneakers” – ASICS / Deep (Moscow, Russia)
“Follow up Siberia” – Nornikel / AGT (Moscow, Russia)
“Event of the year”
“Future Tense 2018” – Future Tense conference / Komunikacijski labaratorij (Zagreb, Croatia)
“Tasting the world's largest gata” – Yeremyan Projects / Spring-PR (Yerevan, Armenia)
“Cultural EMMYgration” – STS Media / Comunica (Moscow, Russia)
“Rosa spring water launch” – Coca-Cola / Chapter 4 Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria)
“Official launch of the FIFA World Cup Tour with Coca-Cola” – Coca-Cola System (Moscow, Russia)
“Integrated project”
“Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable” – Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan / Red Point Kazakhstan (Astana, Kazakhstan)
“Market launch of the LG Signature brand” – LG Electronics / HSAd Russia (Moscow, Russia)
“Opening of the Museum “World of Coca-Cola” – Coca-Cola HBC Russia (Moscow, Russia)
“Creativity is the Answer” – Adidas / Ketchum (Moscow, Russia)
“Best cultural project”
“Nikola Tesla – Mind from the future” – Real grupa / Exhibition Nikola Tesla (Zagreb, Croatia)
“Promotion of the World Cup 2022 in Russia” – Football Organization Committee / Polylog and Ceremonies Staging Agency (Moscow, Russia)
“Generation M” – MTS (Moscow, Russia)
“Cultural Map of Moscow for the 2018 World Cup” – MOSGORTUR (Moscow, Russia)
“MTV Presents Varna Beach” – MTV / Chapter 4 Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria)
“United libraries portal” – St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“New Jerusalem” – Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region (Moscow, Russia)
“Competition “Touches of overflight” – Overflight of fantasy / Art-Consulting (Moscow, Russia)
“Public Project”
“GSK Brand Hub” – GSK (Moscow, Russia)
“Citizen # 1: Pavel Bashenin” – Museum of History and Culture of the Middle Kama Region (Sarapul, Russia)
“Pink ribbon in your city” – AVON (Moscow, Russia)
“The Latvian Flag” – The Latvian Flag society / Repute (Riga, Latvia)
“Sign Electronically for Happier Childhood” – BORICA and “Our Premature Babies Foundation” / Chapter 4 Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria)
“Corporate communications”
“Art graffiti on energy facilities” – MOESK (Moscow, Russia)
“When I grow up, I’ll be a software tester” – NNG LLC / Café PR (Budapest, Hungary)
“Football at high speeds and a press tour at the 2018 World Cup” – MegaFon / PRATON (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“The First All-Russian Exercises of the Specialists of Rosseti Group of Companies” – Rosseti (Moscow, Russia)
“Digital SILK ROAD” – MegaFon Tajikistan (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
“Marketing communications”
“Unlock the Baltic Taste with Cross Keys Gin” – Latvijas Balzams / Lead. Corporate Communication (Riga, Latvia)
“Priceless League: a tradition by Mastercard & KHL” – Mastercard / R.I.M. (Moscow, Russia)
“FAN Promenade” – Stadium St. Petersburg” – Football club “Zenit” / Obcom communications (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Happy New Year from Kinder” – Kinder (Moscow, Russia)
“Senior Sensei Program – Choose Passion without pressure in the years of pension” – OTP Voluntary Pension Fund / Budapest, Hungary
“Officially Amazing! – Hot Wheels & Guinness Record” – Mattel / Polylog (Moscow, Russia)
“Expedition to Mars” – BMW / M2Communications (Belgrade/Serbia)
“Best project in the field of sports communications”
“Priceless League: A Tradition By Mastercard & KHL” – Mastercard / R.I.M. (Moscow, Russia)
“Official launch of the FIFA World Cup Tour with Coca-Cola” – Сoca-Сola System (Moscow, Russia)
“Laboratory of Sport and Health Psychology” – Russian State Medical University (Ryazan, Moscow)
“UFC Fight Night” – UFC / Ketchum (Moscow, Russia)
“Best volunteer project”
“ProCharity Platform” – “Friends” Foundation / BureauBureau (Moscow, Russia)
“School of Cultural Volunteering” – Cultural Center “Novoslobodsky” (Moscow, Russia)
“Timur and his team” – LAPT (Zaraisk, Russia)
“Creation of a children's volunteer center “Rainbow-flower” – Golitsyn Secondary School No. 2 (Golitsyno, Russia)
“Children's business game “Useful Money” – Home Credit Bank (Moscow, Russia)
“Social project”
“HIV Test: Expedition” – Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)
“EkoPOZYTYWNIE” – Unidevelopment S.A. / Made in PR (Warsaw, Poland)
“More than rehabilitation” – Pfizer (Moscow, Russia)
“Main theme” – “Youth Intellectual Resource” Center (Moscow, Russia)
“Impulse of kindness” – “Our Future” Foundation (Moscow, Russia)
“#FraudOff” – Ministry of Finance of Latvia / A.W.Olsen & Partners (Riga, Latvia)

Healthy Lifestyle categories

“New trends in healthy lifestyle”
“Silver age” – “Healthy lifestyle” Association (Saransk, Russia)
“Farmer Weekend at Pticevod Farm” – MSU (Moscow, Russia)
“Forum “Students – for a healthy nation” – USTU (Ukhta, Russia)
“Football Olympus Steps” – Kamsky Zori (Mendeleevsk, Russia)
“Healthy lifestyle SMM / Digital project”
“E-office of a Healthy Child” – Regional Center for Medical Prevention (Novosibirsk, Russia)
“#youarestronger” – Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)
“Best healthy lifestyle project”
“Running cities” Compaign – velcom / ARS Communications (Minsk, Belarus)
“Tobacco-free medicine” – Sverdlovsk Regional Center for Medical Prevention (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
“Social & sport movement “Green Fitness” – Active Youth Corporation (Kazan, Russia)
“Health Territory” – Center of AIDS & Infectious diseases Prevention & Control (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
“Caring for the Main” – Pfizer (Moscow, Russia)
“Healthy lifestyle promotion”
“Healthy Region” – Department of Internal Policy of the Lipetsk Region (Lipetsk Region, Russia)
“In shape” – UFU and Sverdlovsk Regional Center for Medical Prevention (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
“Heroes’ Trail” – Heroes’ Trail (Oryol, Russia)
“Healthy lifestyles through youth!” – Youth Council at the Moscow Department of Health (Moscow, Russia)
“Common Sense” Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program” – Sports Support Foundation (Tyumen, Russia)

Youth Projects

“Creative campaign of the year”
“Integrated Platform “Start” – Student Council of RANEPA (Moscow, Russia)
“Youth platform “Generation-2030” – Youth Stand-In Government of Krasnoyarsk Region (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“12 PR achievements” – Educational program “Advertising and Public Relations”, HSE (Moscow, Russia)
“Theater Night” – Communications, Media and Design Department, HSE (Moscow, Russia)
“The city through the eyes of children – towards the FIFA World Cup” – The Kindness Palette (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Event of the year”
“Biryusa” Forum “Territory of Proactive Youth” – “Forum” CMI (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“Youth Convention” – Center of Youth Initiatives (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“All-Russian educational project “Trainings Day” – PenzGTU (Penza, Russia)
“Theater Night” – Communications, Media and Design Department, HSE (Moscow, Russia)
“Republican youth educational project “Innovatica: Krokhal – 2018 “Project Session” – USTU (Ukhta, Russia)
“Sweet advertising party” – PR Agency “Peppers“, USTU (Ukhta, Russia)
“Youth Festival “JAM”– Cherepovets Youth Center (Cherepovets, Moscow)
“Forum “School of the Future”, pedagogical shift” – MGOU (Mytishchi, Russia)
“PR campaign”
“The Road to Success” – RANEPA (Moscow, Russia)
“All-Russian Integration PR Game “Lomonosov” – Philosophy Department, MSU (Moscow, Russia)
“MuzVyshka” – Ingroup StS, HSE (Moscow Russia)
“The contest of social advertisement “Folk wisdom” – RSHU, SUM, MSUDT (Moscow, Russia)
“PR-support of the All-Russian Youth Forum” Students – for a healthy nation” – Institute of Economics, Management and IT, USTU (Ukhta, Russia)
“Social media campaign”
“Reference Point - Content” – Communication Management Department, RSSU (Moscow, Russia)
“School 32” – School No. 32 (Balashikha, Russia)
“The road to success” – Student Council of RANEPA (Moscow, Russia)
“The Vyshka” – HSE (Moscow, Russia)
“The contest of social advertisement “Folk wisdom” – RSHU, SUM, MSUDT (Moscow, Russia)
“Civil Society” – Andrey Dubasarsky (Tolyatti, Russia)
“Social project”
“Youth platform “Generation-2030” – Youth Stand-In Government of Krasnoyarsk region (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
“Volunteer School” – Foreign Languages Department, GGTU (Orekhovo-Zuevo, Russia)
“Educational and patriotic project “ЗD: Think! Act! Dare!” – Palace of Culture and Arts “Konda” (Mezhdurechensky, Russia)
“Festival “From Heart to Heart” – MEPhI (Moscow, Russia)
“All-Russian educational project “Trainings Day” – PenzSTU (Penza, Russia)
“Open 360” – International Relations Department, St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Student of the Year”
“The fire of the war didn’t burn the soul” – Elektrostal College (Elektrostal, Russia)
“Student Council of RANEPA” – RANEPA (Moscow, Russia)
“Open 360” – Faculty of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Electrical safety for little ones” – Electric Power Department, VoGU (Vologda, Russia)

School students’ categories

“Best event”
“Ecology plus some heat” - Ecological Club “Greencollege” (Cherepovets, Russia)
“Connection of hearts” – Nerekhtsky Polytechnic College (Kostroma, Russia)
“School yard of my dream” – School №4 (Lower Kuranakh, Russia)
“Donor Friday” – School of Communication for Youngsters, HSE (Moscow, Russia)
“Folklore festival “Our Home is Russia” – Creative team of Secondary School No. 15 (Krasnogorsk, Russia)
“Festival “Theater Carousel” – School № 3 (Sokol, Russia)
“Advertising project”
“Healthy Lifestyle” – Nursing specialty, ChBMK (Grozny, Russia)
“Promotion strategy for “Advertising and Public Relations” course at Journalism Department of ChelSU” – CSU (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
“Change the world for the better” – Gymnasium No. 5 (Korolev, Russia)